Small Business Bookkeeping Services


Piligrim Accounting Inc., offering Cloud-based online bookkeeping and tax preparation services to small business in Canada, can help your firm save time and money by outsourcing your accounting tasks to us.

We will provide expertise and excellence doing the kind of work that more than 40 percent of small business owners admit they hate to do.

Why Cloud accounting systems?

Moving to a Cloud accounting system in today’s business climate is a smart move for your small to medium-sized business in Canada because it saves you time and money and effectively meets your needs.

Essentially, a Cloud system is a computer platform that allows your business to run applications and software from anywhere at any time and from any device, from a Smart phone to a tablet to a computer. Such versatility is extremely helpful to the small business owner who must focus on so many other aspects besides accounting and bookkeeping to grow a company.

The hardware simply becomes the delivery method. Your data is always accessible through a secure Internet connection.

There are a number of reasons why Piligrim Accounting Inc. consultants may suggest a Cloud-based system for your Canadian small business.

It is more economical – You have minimal upfront costs and instead pay a monthly Cloud hosting fee or annual fee. The only hardware purchase you have is related to your local desktops or other devices, which you likely already have. With less hardware plugged into it, many small business owners also find their power costs decrease.

You eliminate the need for file storage space – Cloud-based technology is ideal for the small business seeking a paperless office. All your authorized users can access your data at any time from any device and you don’t have to be bogged down looking for storage space for bulky client files.

You have technical support 24/7 – The question we are most asked is what if something goes wrong. Few companies can guarantee a 24/7 access to support staff, but Cloud-based technology offers you that service.

Work from any location, anytime – As long as you have an Internet connection, it doesn’t matter where you are geographically. You can access your files, keep everything up to date, and give us the information we need to keep everything running smoothly for you.

You operate in security – Should you lose your laptop, or one of your authorized employees misplaces their tablet or Smartphone, you don’t have to worry about the safety and security of your data. It can only be accessed using a secure login so others cannot gain access to your private papers. Additionally, should a power outage, fire, or flood hit your headquarters, your data is safely stored off-site. As soon as you log on again, it is all there waiting for you.

Our bookkeeping services

Offsite bookkeeping / Cloud bookkeeping

Using modern and effective Cloud-based accounting systems, Piligrim Accounting Inc. allows your small business to save on office space, employee salaries and benefits. We can work with you anywhere and anytime and provide solutions for your unique situation.

Offering customized service all over Canada, we provide excellent online accounting systems including QuickBooks online, Sage 1, Wave accounting, Freshbooks, and Xero.

We can also help with different types of add-ons that integrate with these software programs. All you have to do is e-mail or drop off your paperwork to us and we will manage it for you.

Onsite bookkeeping

If you want to see us in person, we offer onsite bookkeeping and accounting personally to clients in the Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Markham, North York, Aurora and Newmarket areas of Ontario.

Additional bookkeeping services offered

In addition to ongoing bookkeeping and income tax preparation, among the services we offer are:

  • Preparing your year-end file for your Certified Professional Accountant
  • Providing you with a variety of comprehensive reports throughout the year
  • Helping your firm in rebuilding your books
  • Working on month-end adjusting entries and reconciliations
  • Offering a general review of your records if you or a member of your staff builds them
  • Providing valuable advice on what needs to be changed on the spot to comply with Canada Revenue Agency regulations
  • Compiling your books for Canada Revenue Agency audits

Contact us via e-mail (info@piligrim-accounting.com) or phone (416)514-1741 anytime. Remember, there is never a charge for your first consultation!