Hi, I’m Elena

I’m a walking balance sheet.

I’m the senior accounting professional and founder of Piligrim Accounting. Together with our talented team, we help business owners with their bookkeeping and accounting needs.

On this page you can learn about my story and how Piligrim Accounting was born.

It Began With a 7-Year Adventure in the United Arab Emirates

My story begins as a brave, curious and determined 19-year-old woman longing to explore the world beyond the uncertainty of my own country in the early 90s.

I moved to United Arab Emirates. The fast pace, risk, and learning opportunities – I loved all of it. I worked with business owners and tourists (and even married one of them. We’re happily married to this day!)

Our adventure culminated on the beach of Dubai, where we’ve decided it was time to settle down and start a family. We moved to Canada in 2001 as a married couple, parents to 11-month-old twin boys.

Piligrim Accounting Is Born

While working and studying as new parents, settling in a new country was tremulous and challenging. Still, amid this messy brilliance, I found my second love – accounting.

My husband had conceived the idea for the name “Piligrim” when I was in the process of incorporating my company in 2003 as a spiritual representation that hard work and determination must always be balanced with alignment, simplicity, and peace.

Choosing Love Over Metrics

I was supposed to be a famous musician (according to my mom) but ended up as a fierce, relentless businesswoman, like my dad.

I excelled at accounting so much that my first Canadian employer is still a client to this day!

I attribute my success to choosing love over metrics. I work with human beings who depend on me for professional service and reliable advice.

Our clients are family.

Yoga Saved My Business

I’m embarrassed to admit this but, by the age of 30, I had everything and nothing. I felt empty.

My business success was followed by burnout, boredom and inquiry while carrying, delivering and raising twin boys resulted in weariness, exhaustion and three herniated discs.

Piligrim’s spiritual philosophy was calling me to find balance.

Starting a Spiritual Journey To Become a Seeker.

Iyengar yoga and meditation unlocked me, and for the first time in my life, I felt coherent, full, whole.

I longed for another child and had conceived our daughter in 2009. My home delivery was epic.

Yoga helped me with form, style and stability, which I’ve carried into my life and business.

At Piligrim, my team and I embody life’s need for balance – as in books, income tax returns, corporate taxes as in life.

Piligrim is a walking balance sheet. So am I.

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