How Cloud Accounting Works

Cloud accounting is great – but how does it work?

The team at Piligrim Accounting specializes in providing cloud-based accounting services which are designed to simplify and automate your company’s financial operations.

What is Cloud Accounting?

Cloud accounting refers to a way of doing accounting by using software that is hosted online – or – also known as the ‘cloud’.

With cloud accounting, you don’t need to install programs on your computer.

Instead, you and your accountant can access a secure website to manage your business finances in real-time.

It’s secure and convenient – similar to doing online banking.

Benefits of Cloud Accounting

Cloud accounting has many benefits, which allow you to:

  • Access your financial reports quickly
  • Share transactions with your accountant
  • See real-time reports about your finances
  • Avoid having software on individual computers
  • Integrate useful tools with your accounting software

The team at Piligrim successfully helped many business owners transition and optimize their accounting in the cloud.

Find out if we can help your company too.

Getting Started With Cloud Accounting

You can get started by yourself, or ask Piligrim to help you.

Step 1.

Open an account with QuickBooks online

Step 2.

Invite Piligrim Accounting to collaborate with you

Step 3.

We’ll develop a strategy and workflow

Frequent Questions & Answers

Cloud base accounting is more secure than its traditional counterpart. For example, imagine the information breach and headache a stolen company’s computer could bring. There are no traces of financial information on any company device with cloud accounting since the data is encrypted and password protected.

Sharing financial information is also less problematic with cloud accounting whenever sharing is necessary within a company. Parties can log in into the same system with their unique passwords removing the need for flash drives to transport data (which could be lost or stolen).

Lastly, cloud providers usually have backup servers in two or more locations. Should one server network go down, you still have access to your data. Information kept on-premises could be destroyed or damaged in a fire or natural disaster and may never be recovered.

Yes! Once the initial setup is done and cloud accounting is running, your company can save money because: 

  • IT staff is not needed to maintain accounting software.
  • You will save time by having the ability to access reports in real-time.
  • You can make better financial decisions when you have access to live reports.
  • Cloud accounting requires less initial server infrastructure to store data.

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