Post assessment review letters from CRA

CRA has started post assessment review process and many of the tax clients had received letters requesting to provide additional information to support the claims.

I came across to one of them today by receiving copy of the letter requesting to support claim for tuition and education credit. As usually CRA needs to see your T2202 ( even though they do have it in most of the cases) and Schedule 11 with the calculations. In addition to that one of the line letters was about payment… if your employer or union due or any other organization has reimbursed you for the education. This is where the client is caught as he forgot to mention or felt that it is not important to let taxpreparer know about it. The amount of reimbursement for education must be reported as an income. As this was not done the client shall refund money to CRA… sad but the lesson is – gather and disclose all the information to your taxpreparer while preparing your tax return. Give yourself a piece of mind.

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