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Commencing February 9, 2015, a new service called Manage Online Mail is being offered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to electronically deliver mail to Canadians. Online mail is the best way to manage your correspondence from the CRA.

This service will provide you with:

  • quick and convenient online access to notices (notices of assessment and reassessment) and;
  • online access to future eligible correspondence as more becomes available electronically.

With your consent, tax preparers who EFILE your Individual Income Tax and Benefit return can assist you with the registration for online mail. Once you are signed up for online mail, you will receive an email confirming your registration. Eligible notices will no longer be printed and mailed to you. Instead, an email notification will be sent to your personal email address when new mail is available to view online. Similar to the system employed by banks, no sensitive or confidential information is sent to you by email, nor do we request to receive such information from you through email. Rather, once your mail is available online, you are asked to log in to My Account, a secure CRA online service, to view and, if required, print it.


  1. If you are interested in this service, your tax preparer can register you for online mail. A new field has been added on the T1 Return and T183 Form to include your personal email address.
  • Provide your personal email address to your tax preparer.

Each year you sign a T183 Form which authorizes your representative to EFILE your return. By providing your email address, you are giving your tax preparer consent to sign you up for online mail.

  • Your tax preparer will then enter and submit your personal email address to the CRA when filing your tax return.

You can also register directly online with My Account, a secure CRA online service, at www.cra.gc.ca/myaccount.

Viewing Your Online Mail

 My Account is the only place to view your online mail. To view your online mail;

Register for / log in to My Account at www.cra.gc.ca/myaccount.

  • Access notices of assessment or reassessment (and future items) from the “Welcome Page”. On that page, you can view and print correspondence items.
  • Select “Manage online mail”, to update an email address or cancel online mail.

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