List of necessary documents required to file CORPORATE TAX RETURN

Please have the following information handy in order to speed up process of filing and save our time and your money:

1. Federal Business # assigned by Canada Revenue Agency;
2. Date of Incorporation;
3. Legal Name;
4. Incorporation certificate #;
5. Ontario corporate tax account #;
6. Ontario corporation #;
7. Province incorporated;
8. Type of activities;
9. Physical address and telephone # ( fax #);
10. Mailing address and telephone # ( fax #);
11. Name and address of the director;
12. Name and address of the signing officer;
13. Contact name for this return;
14. Shareholder(s) name(s) and SIN number (s);
15. Federal corporation Notice of Assessment for the last year filed with Canada
Revenue Agency;
16. Provincial Notice of Assessment for the last year filed with Ontario Ministry of
17. Detailed payroll records with the green Payroll Deduction remittances for the
18. All GST/HST reports filed for the year;
19. Copies of T2(Federal) and CT23(Provincial) income tax returns for the previous
20. Tax installment payments information for the year;
21. Copy of the bank statement for the last month in the taxation year.
If you require our bookkeeping services to build up corporate books please bring the
– all bank statements for the year
– all cancelled cheques
– all relevant receipts and invoices for income and expenses/ or summary of your
expenses and income
Additional information might be requested.
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