What to bring to tax specialist


* If you are NEW CLIENT please bring the copy of previous year income tax return.
* Previous Year Notice of Assessment.
* Other year re-assessments (if any). * Note changes your personal status, such as marriage, separation, birth.
* T4A(P) – Canada Pension Plan Benefits
* US Social Security.
* Pension Income information (pensions from the other countries).
* T4 (employment).
* T4A (commissions and self-employed; scholarship, bursaries etc.).
* T4E (employment insurance).
* T4OAS (old age security).
* T5 (investment income); T3 (income from trusts).
* T5007 (worker’s compensation/social assistance payments/contractor’s payments).
* T5013 (partnership income).
* T4RSP (retirement savings plan income).
* Documents related to sale of investments/real estate.
* RRSP contribution slips.
* Medical receipts (medical expenses not covered by OHIP; prescription drugs not covered by extended health benefits). Amount of the annual payments towards to group medical benefits.
* Charitable donation receipts.
* T2202 from the college or university .
* Amount of interest paid on the student’s loan.
* T2200 Declaration of Conditions of Employment (if you have one).
* TL2 (truck divers).
* Professional dues/union dues.
* Details of the foreign property holdings( if any).
* Carry charges/loan interest (loan must be for income producing purposes).
* Safety deposit box fees.
* Professional investment consultant’s fees (if you have investments).
* Spousal support income/payments.
* Separation agreement ( if it is the first year).
* Dependant information (e.g. children; elderly parent; new spouse etc.).
* Form T2201 (if claiming disability for self or dependant). Disability tax credit claim form completed by doctor, first year or renewal.
* Child care payments (name of the child care organization, if individual – full name and SIN#).
* Fitness receipts for the children below 17.
* Property taxes/rent paid to whom and how much.
* Moving expenses (if moved more then 40 km for new employment/or for studying in the college or university)
* Political contribution receipts.
* Receipts for the use of public transportation.
* Tax shelter credits such as labour-sponsored venture capital investments.
* RRSP Homebuyer and education withdrawal information.
* Tax instalments paid in the year.

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